Benefits of Gamified Learning

In the age of digital development, it is important for the education industry to keep up as well. One of the ways the education industry is enhancing themselves is by gamification of learning. Gamification has been so easily accepted by consumers because everyone loves playing games.

chemex ​ It’s the feeling of continuous improvement, healthy competition, feedback and rewards that keeps people engaged. Gamification of learning can be great to motivate students to drive the direction of their own learning. Some of the pros include: ​

  1. Improves Student Engagement:

    Students are more likely to spend time on a learning-based game as there is a reward they are going to receive. Levels, badges or points will help them see a tangible benefit for their accomplishments. With the help of gamification you will see a rise in the student retention as they will be able to relate to the content easier through practice than the traditional way. ​

  2. Introduces Tougher Subjects through Meaningful Examples:

    While formulas and theories are important, subjects like math and science are made interesting with a student’s curiosity. Gamification of subjects that are otherwise tough for students, it will increase their enthusiasm towards the subject matter. Students will be more excited and competitive while learning. ​

  3. Instant Feedback:

    Instantaneous feedback such as the leader boards and dashboards which allow students to assess their strengths and weakness will encourage them to relearn the topics and try the quiz again to get a higher rank on the leader board. Gamification gives us a goal to achieve which in turn gives a sense of purpose. When technology is utilized to make learning fun and easy it has the potential to become revolutionary. When gamification is used properly it promotes constant achievement. It helps learners set their own goals and the tangibly measure progress. ​ STEPapp is a gamified learning app created by 400+ IITians and doctors with an aim to make learning maths and science fun and easy. STEPapp has taken care of all the important aspects of gamification to ensure that it is most effective.