How Gamification is the future of Education

How Gamification is the future of Education?

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By gamification, we mean re-designing your curriculum into games to ensure that it not only increases the engagement of the learner but also helps them understand the real-world application of the concepts that they are learning. It is fun, interactive, and increases the rate of retention.

1. The old education system is outdated:When it comes to technology, we started from scratch and now we are on the moon but when it comes to educational development, we started with books and we are still at the books. However, in today’s ever-changing times, the old cramming methods will not work anymore. Nor will the crammer be awarded. People with conceptual understanding will receive rewards and experience growth. The emergence of apps like STEPapp is bringing in the much-needed revolution in gamified learning.

2. Positive learning environment:The current education system bifurcates the students into winners (who score well) and losers (who fail) which is not the most effective approach towards a kid’s education. It affects them psychologically and brings their morale down. Whereas, on gamified learning platforms like STEPapp if a student does not do well in a topic he/she gets a chance to re-learn the lesson and re-play the topic instead of being declared as a loser.

3. Interactive:From varied research, it is concluded that humans learn significantly faster when they practically do something when compared to learning through plain text. The retention rate is also higher in the lessons learned from the interactive activities versus the lessons read from the textbook. A student only retains 10% of what he reads from a textbook which underlines the fact that the Indian education system badly needs gamified education. STEPapp is one of the best apps when it comes to gamifying the curriculum as it is created by a team of 400+ IITians and doctors to ensure that each and every aspect of gamified education is effectively covered and made better.