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Our Story

STEPapp, created by a team of 400+ IITians and Doctors after extensive research, is a unique e-learning software product that provides conceptual content delivery in a gamified format. Our team comes with deep experience and expertise gathered over many years of teaching and training students from various socio-economic strata of the country, preparing them for various reputed national and international competitive exams, and turning them into the best and brightest this country has ever seen.

Naturally, with this much experience in the education industry, our team developed a keen understanding of the gaps in the current education system and how those gaps could be filled with a gamified learning system that acts as an add-on to traditional classroom teaching.

What We Are Trying To Solve

The idea behind the conception of STEPapp is to primarily provide a level playing field in education. The idea is to bolster four key parameters that make education effective and complete. These key parameters are Accessibility, Quality, Enjoyability, and Affordability (AQEA in short).

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Ensuring children can learn anywhere and anytime with an app that can be played offline and is readily available in a device-agnostic form. Also ensuring that learning outcomes are reported to parents, teachers, and policymakers and helping them play a more effective role in children’s education.


Ensuring standardised quality of learning for all with content created by a team of 400+ IITians and doctors delivered in gamified format. The learning content, developed after extensive research lasting over 5 years, has been field-tested in a variety of schools across the country with sterling feedback.


Ensuring learning becomes fun and enjoyable with study content delivered in gamified content that increases retention, replay value, and attention span. The syllabus is broken down into the smallest possible quanta in the form of concepts that a child can play through and learn at their own pace.


Ensuring that the delivery of high-quality learning is made possible for students belonging to all socio-economic backgrounds with the most affordable prices in the market. STEPapp is proudly partnered with state and central government schools across the country to ensure that conceptual is provided to all students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a pool of meritorious children who will go on to become national assets. Our goal is to reward students for talent, sincerity, and hard work and to help create an equal - opportunity education system in the country.

With our focus on the AQEA in education, here’s who we think will benefit the most from our vision:

  • Students

    With access to fun and enjoyable learning in a gamified format, followed by mentorship and guidance from our team of IITians and Doctors for meritorious students.

  • Parents

    With access to timely reports of children’s learning outcomes from a 360° perspective, by testing the student’s speed, accuracy, and the number of attempts while they play and learn.

  • Teachers

    With access to a helping hand in the form of a homework and revision app, that supports and augments classroom teaching with a self-paced, gamified learning programme.

  • Policymakers

    With access to granular, real-time status of learning outcomes across the area of jurisdiction that will help create effective education policies and implementation strategies.

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The Future of Education is Smart

New age solution of learning for the nation Stepapp

Reactions of students of Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Mumbai after playing STEPapp

Reactions of students of GD Somani School, Cuff Parade, Mumbai, after playing STEPapp

Feedback of Teacher of EMRS Khairi Parsoda on implementation of STEPapp

Our Team

Mr. Praveen Tyagi

Founder & CEO

Mr. Rajeev Belani

Chief Technical Officer

Ms. Nikhila Varun

Creative Director

Mr. Sandeep Singhal

Chief Business Officer
Physics Mentor